"That’s why he doesn’t kill him. That’s why he saves him. That end scene to me was always like: ‘I don’t know what this is, I just know I’m supposed to do this right now. Whatever this is, I’m supposed to protect this for some reason. There’s something about it that’s unexplored, and I’m going to figure it out.’ And that’s kind of where he’s at at the end of the movie. It’s not like he’s going, ‘Captain, Steve, let me take you out of the water,’ you know what I mean?"

Sebastian Stan on the Winter Soldier’s decision, not to let Captain America die and what it meant to him


steve and sam pulling an all nighter in the car driving somewhere and get lucky comes on and they end up singing “we’re up all night to find bucky”

the winter soldier: how do we tell the good guys from the bad guys?



this is a follow up review/random spew of thoughts to follow up my previous one that focused on character and development. this one will cover specific themes - and because this film tried very hard to be political, it will touch on some of the commentary made. 

if you’ve read my other review you will know that i am a FUCKING MESS over this movie because this movie was incredibly intricately crafted in terms of character, contained in development and just all around so mindful of nuances and quirks that it made me seal clap in my seat. the character review is the glowing one. this will decidedly not be; be warned.

one thing that i really liked about the russos approach to this film is that they were very much understanding and embracing of the fact that captain america is the one superhero designed and crafted to be political. comics history from ww2 aside, cap as a character is rooted in a time of upheaval in american history, and as such cannot escape being political as a character, on top of being a text.

steve (now canonically confirmed to be born in 1918) spent his pre-teens in the comparatively societally affluent twenties, and his teens and early twenties during the great depression; he was young during the new deal and he would have watched the slow spiral into war in europe during incredibly formative years. there is no way you can write him and honour him without bringing politics into it, and there is no way you can give him the story he deserves without examining the ramifications of war and the reach for security in the aftermath of that war. because that first film was very much about what wars do to young men who go into it with all the promise of life; that first film was about the creation of a national symbol in times of upheaval and the raising of that symbol into an ideal. this movie had to have been about the continuing nature of that war; not only did steve rogers and bucky barnes not come back from world war 2, they still haven’t come back. it’s about the inevitable fallout after the ‘greatest generation’, about the inevitable fall from grace; about dismantling that old world order and that old world myth, but also examining, with clear eyes, exactly what it is that steve’s sacrifices had amounted to. in my view, captain america needs to be a celebration of americanism, but if you’re going to set it in the 21st century, it has to be a critique of america, or specifcally post-9/11 american foreign policy.

so going in, this was my expectation, and the russos did nothing to expel it. they talked about real life parallels, they talked about foreign policy, they talked about the moral grey and the compromise between freedom and security, they talked about GODDAMNED DRONE PROGRAMS AND SNOWDEN. for the most part this film seemed smarter, in a lot of respects, than any of the other marvel movies that tried to make the same kind of commentary - except for maybe iron man 1, which was a really great look at the military industrial complex. this is why, to be completely perfectly honest, i was more disappointed in the treatment of this theme in TWS than i was in any other aspect of the film.

preface done; let’s go.

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I agree with literally all of this (unsurprisingly), especially that one line about compromise; what I see it as is a manifestation of this massive inability in the US to critique literally anything about WWII. I’ve sat in a history class full of millennials and been the only person arguing that dropping atomic bombs on civilian populations was not the right call. We are honestly truly not allowed to criticize Steve’s generation, apparently not even in a movie that levels some pretty heavy critiques at the ones that came after.

And I agree, as well, that the “Heil Hydra” stuff was a copout. The one thing that I think saved that theme for me, though? Is the fact that the movie ends with the dissolution of SHIELD. If it had ended with “and now we need to go do some soul-searching and get those Nazis out of SHIELD so it can be a good organization”, that would have been crap. But Steve literally says to Fury, “you built those drones and you were fine using them. Your organization has been a significant percentage Nazis since its inception and no one has noticed or cared. There is nothing here worth salvaging.” And Hill and Natasha agree, that’s what gets me, is that Fury looks and them and they nod. What have they seen and done in their history with SHIELD that when Captain America says “this needs to be burned to the ground” they nod? That says, for me, that the text is leveling a much better critique of the military complex than it seems to be at first, because what’s it’s basically saying is that it is too rotten, from the core, and that all it takes is the right hero in the right place saying that out loud.


yo thanks freyastormborn for screaming this as we spilled out of the theater on thursday night.


yo thanks freyastormborn for screaming this as we spilled out of the theater on thursday night.


That man on the bridge… I knew him.

just thinking about rumlow being in this room, seeing winter soldier without his mask on, having a clear working relationship both with pierce and the asset.

thinking about the two years spent working with Cap, on missions and off, passing each other in the mess, maybe sharing a table every once and awhile. You don’t have to be friends with the people you work with, but it helps.

Captain America’s closest and dearest friend has his name on a SHIELD memorial board and a permanent display in the Smithsonian. Do you really think Bucky has never come up in all that time spent working together?

Two years.

Two years.


when bucky was mindwiped my whole body hurt and I was crying for him but then he opened his mouth for the mouthpiece and I had a brief moment of “oh god that’s hot” in the midst of my anguish

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Winter Soldier Poster!


Winter Soldier Poster!